SMS Politics


Provide timely information about US Congress and our representatives to the American people, and a convenient way for communicating a feedback to our representatives.


By providing current House Floor actions, bill introductions and representative issue positions information accessible via SMS short messages, citizens will be able to provide feedbacks to their representatives in a convenient way.

Calling your representatives will be as easy as 'click, click' (2 clicks) and voters influence will not end with elections, but will continue through continual feedback to their elected representatives before they vote on bills.


Congress often introduces new bills, some of which become laws. Normally only few people have time and patience to watch C-SPAN, track current events on government websites, locate representative's contact information, positions and votes on issues by searching and browsing few different websites.

Even though much of information is available to public, government made it difficult to follow the whole legislative process. It is even more difficult to provide a feedback.

SMSPolitics is an automated service that aggregates all current and relevant information from websites like,, and others, and provides citizens with information related to their representatives, and to their interests. If ten bills are introduced today, you will recieve only information about those that relate to issues of your choice: war, abortion, immigration, civil liberties, local national park, your State related spending, price of potato, etc.


If only one in hundred citizens calls a representative for each issue or bill of interest that is currently on the House floor, this Republic will be much closer to 'Participative Democracy'.

A minute every other day will help democracy prevail!

Legislators will finally realize that it does matter what they do and how they vote. Voters will have a 'first hand' knowledge about their representatives, and will also make better decisions in next elections.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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